Monday, April 25th, 2022.

In the course of its development, Hossted, an emerging pioneer in bringing open source projects to the enterprise cloud, noticed the extent that images are susceptible to vulnerabilities, and how applications and APIs are under threat from DDoS attacks, bots, malicious payloads and browser supply chain attacks.  

“When we talked to IT managers who are tasked with deploying open source apps on the cloud, we started to identify a common issue that features high on their list of priorities and concerns,” says CEO, Elroi Marom. A seasoned entrepreneur with a track record of founding, building and leading technology companies to profit and successful exits, Marom found that security was very much a hot-button issue. 

“We learned that the constant concern over image vulnerabilities, and in general the pervasive threat of malicious attacks, means that IT managers are not just focused on the products themselves, but they’re looking for the assurance that they can deploy the products safely and securely. It weighs really heavily on their minds, and the distraction can impact their productivity.”

The Hossted team was able to draw on the collective expertise of its members and succeed in tackling the issue head-on.

“We’re looking at our security packaging as a protective shield,” explains CTO Lior Kesos, an open source veteran who pioneered the Israeli Drupal ecosystem and is the innovator of the MEAN.IO open source project. “Our objective is to provide security on all fronts. We use Traefik to secure the access layer, and provide documentation and recommendations on scanning images against vulnerabilities. And what’s great is that we have a CLI that aims to pass control and maintenance to the hands of our users, so they can mountain their Hossted applications themselves.” 

But just because an app has been given its security boost, it doesn’t mean all issues disappear. “We all know that open source can be unpredictable,” says Marom. “From the start, we recognized the need for reliable, accessible support for any issues that come up. Our DevOps are there to share their wealth of knowledge and experience. It’s a very needed and valuable resource when it comes to dealing with open source.”

The Secured WordPress and Secured SonarQube can be found on the AWS and Azure marketplaces, as well as on the company site,

About Hossted

Hossted was created to provide instantly deployable open source projects on the cloud, with built- in enterprise features and support.