There is a reason OSS is in our name

Open-source software is at the heart of our vision and mission:

Open source is not just a cornerstone of the solutions we offer to our clients; it’s also vital in our internal product creation and engineering processes. This ensures that our market offerings are rigorously tested for quality and are well-supported for maintenance. At Hossted, our affinity for open source isn’t just a strategic business decision. It’s a shared enthusiasm that permeates our entire team—from our founders to our developers and product managers. Everyone here is aligned with our ethos and vision. Founded with the mission to amplify the capabilities of open-source technology, our team members have been deeply involved in the open-source community from its inception. They hail from diverse backgrounds but are united in their goal to make open-source software universally accessible and easily maintained. We owe a great deal to numerous open-source initiatives and the developers and communities that sustain them. Key software like WordPress, Wiki.js, Gitlab, Ubuntu, Harbor, OKD, and Graylog are indispensable to our operations. As open-source technology continues to gain traction, we anticipate that our dedication to it will only intensify, enabling us to equip users with the tools they need to leverage its advantages.