What services are included in the cloud app price?

All HOSSTED products come packaged with:

  • Ticket support & Live chat
  • Custom URL
  • Built-in SSL
  • Connection to Active Directory
  • Migration Service
  • Access to educational support content library

Where is my cloud app?

To reach your application on AWS: After deployment, click on the EC2 Console link. A new tab will open. Your IP is under the “Public IP” field; click it to complete the installation.

To reach your application on Azure: After a successful deployment, in the Essentials section, click on the Public Ip Address on the right-hand side of the screen.

What’s the pricing model?

All apps are priced per VM core per hour. That is – the costs are relative to usability.
You can also pay for a yearly app subscription for a substantial discount. 

Primum app support, where you get support from an app contributor, is not included in the app price and can be arranged by contacting us.

What do the support service consist of?

 Our support service means we will provide remote assistance (via telephone or online communication) in response to requests pertaining to the following:

Basic, short-duration installation, usage, and configuration questions.

Issue diagnosis: isolating cause/s of issue/s (for example, assistance interpreting traces and dumps for installation and code-related problems)

For known defects, available corrective service information and a method to obtain available program patches from the Open-Source supplier.

Do you offer support for non HOSSTED instances?

We provide support only for HOSSTED instances.

Install our OSS apps if you need our assistance.

How do I ssh log into my app?

The fastest way of accessing your app is using the instructions on the “public IP” page. 
You can also do so using PuTTY flowing this tutorial or the command line flowing this tutorial. 

What is the difference between the HOSSTED cloud hosted version of an open-source app and the regular open-source release?

All our apps are official open source versions with additional benefits:


  • Giving the client full control over costs and resource usage;
  • Built-in features such as SSL, active directory and support.

Is upgrading included as part of the monthly subscription through the Azure Marketplace / Amazon Web Services with Hossted?

We will help you upgrade as part of the service – but the instance is running on your network and we need an implicit request from your side to upgrade. We have been building a dashboard and a CLI that lets you know what is installed, and notifies about available upgrades to implement a more proactive approach.

Do you support cross-region Disaster Recovery?

Cross-region Disaster Recovery is not included in the basic package, but we are ready to discuss this option via email [email protected]. Please contact us for more details.

Do you monitor / support the server?

We currently do not provide this kind of service.

How to cancel a subscription?

You can delete your instance when you no longer need it. This is referred to as terminating / deleting your instance. As soon as the state of an instance changes to shutting-down or terminated, you stop incurring charges for that instance. More information you can find under the links: Amazon Web Services Azure, Marketplace.

How to get a support provider to specific technologies?

In order to effectively resolve your issue, provide us with the following information:


  • number of clusters and nodes;
  • hossted on private/public; the possibility of access, if we can install an agent to monitor the systems;
  • maintenance;
  • details regarding the support you need.

From our side we have access to the deployment. Also we have a model per node/cluster and a customized model for other scenarios (on-prem without access permission), which also depends on the local team.

We suggest scheduling a call with our commercial and technical team to discuss this further. For your convenience, you can contact us via email [email protected].

How to update the product?

Basically we upgrade the docker images to make sure we’re up-to-date with the latest security releases. In the more customized PS-driven solution we can define whatever policy you prefer and execute it – controlling the maintenance window and any other aspect of the upgrade.

Do you support high availability?

Hossted is run by Linnovate and provides a single node, docker-compose based solution that can be installed in one click. We provide security, self-maintenance tools, and support. High availability and customized configurations are a part of our professional services. You can discuss with our DevOps team the exact needs, desired outcome and success criteria. ​If you need more assistance with this issue, please contact our support team via an in-app chat or email [email protected].

How to disable basic authentication on the website?

It is basic http authentication which is required by marketplace admins for a first run. You can remove it by following instructions on MOTD, it should be enough to run sudo hossted-cli http open. ​

How to change the DNS (ip/name) if image is updated?

Updating of image didn’t update IP but turning off/back on of VM will if you didn’t lock it.

How much should I pay when the EC2 instance is turned off? I don't need the instance running 24x7.

You pay only for the hours that the machine is up and running. If you plan to reboot the machine frequently, we recommend you to use an elastic IP so your IP does not change all of the time. This tends to confuse users and to create edge cases in the instance configuration that night eventually break it. Using an elastic IP is also a good first step towards using an organized domain to host the instance (instead of an Hossted domain).