Deployment + Maintenance

Deploy open-source applications instantly on your cloud

  • Simple Instant Deployment Instantly deploy in your company’s cloud on.
  • Robust Security Continuous security scans to ensure your deployment is safe.
  • Control Dashboard Easily manage your open-source applications.
Deployment + Maintenance

Support all of your open-source applications with one SLA

  • 30 Minute Response Time Our support team will reach out to you within 30 minutes of you contacting our team.
  • Support Any Time You Need It (24/7) Regardless of your time zone or location, our team of dedicated support professionals can always assist you.
  • Quick Resolution Guaranteed On average our team of experts will be able to solve any problem you have ithin¬†48¬†hours.
  • Simplify cluster orchestration across diverse environments.
  • Define and manage infrastructure with ease using declarative YAML files.
  • Customize and enhance functionality through a robust plugin ecosystem.
  • Ensure secure access with granular permissions and controls.
About Rancher

Rancher, the open-source multi-cluster orchestration platform, lets operations teams deploy, manage and secure enterprise Kubernetes.

  • Creates a private software defined network for each environment, allowing secure communication between containers across hosts and clouds.
  • Provides an integrated, elastic load balancing service to distribute traffic between containers or services.
  • Supports orchestrating Persistent Storage Services for Docker.
  • Implements a distributed DNS-based service discovery function with integrated health checking.
  • Makes it easy for users to upgrade existing container services, by allowing service cloning and redirection of service requests.
  • Supports Docker Machine
  • Multi-tenancy & user management
  • Multi Orchestration Engines