The video-conferencing app, Jitsi, includes a watermark logo in the top left corner of the video. There is a common request to remove or replace the logo.

This tutorial describes how to remove the watermark logo or how to replace it with a different image.

The tutorial contains 3 sections:

1. Log in as a root user
2. Create a new logo
3. Edit the docker-compose.yml file

1. Log in as a root user

1.1. Use your credentials to log in as a root user.
1.2. In your terminal, type:

 cd /opt/jitsi

2. Create a new logo

2.1. If you are replacing the watermark, save and name the new logo in logo.svg file format.
2.2. If you are removing the watermark, create an empty logo and save and name it in logo.svg file format.

3. Edit the docker-compose.yml file

3.1. On your console, type: docker-compose stop web
3.2. Locate the docker-compose.yml file.
3.3. In the Volumes section, type: - ./logo.svg:/usr/share/jitsi-meet/images/watermark.svg
3.4. On your console, type: docker-compose up -d

The watermark removal or replacement is complete.

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