is shutting down their Hosted-Redash service, meaning, all customer data in will be deleted within thirty days after access to the service ends on November 30, 2021. This means you need to migrate away from hosted-redash ASAP as you will not be able to migrate after December 30, 2021.

Redash is encouraging its users to migrate to the free  open-source version of Redash, which you can host for yourself locally on-prem or on a cloud service. This means moving away from your hosted-redash solution to an instance hosted locally or using an alternative cloud hosting service such as AWS, MS Azure, Google Cloud, or others.

To build your new redash server you can use HOSSTED.COM Cloud App that comes bundled with DevOps Support, to migrate your Redash to ms-Azure or AWS cloud using the newly developed Hossted Redash Migration tool where your deployment is one click away!

Getting down to it, you need to run the actual migration of the data (queries, dashboards, alerts, etc). You can use the Redash “Redash-Migration tool”, carefully following the instructions (btw, it’s a good read in any event).

What is the HOSSTED.COM Service? is an open-source cloud deployment system that uses technology to automate the deployment of more than 50 Open Source applications that are bundled with Excellent Product Support. You practically receive an Enterprise-Ready Redash with Support, Monitoring, and Integration, running on ms-Azure or AWS cloud servers.

Once you “Click-to-Deploy” the Hossted Redash Migration you will have an instance ready for “Redash Migration” packaged with:

  • Ticket Support & Live chat
  • Custom URL
  • Built-in SSL
  • Connection to Active Directory
  • Migration Service
  • 24×7 uptime monitoring
  • Notifications for security and other updates
  • Access to educational support content library

In practice, this means that not only does the installation of the Open-Source application on the cloud turn out to be an easy task, you also have access to the best available DevOps Experts for any support need you may have as long as you are running this application.

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